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About Fluid

As international business development strategy specialists - Fluid increases speed to market by helping technology companies negotiate the paths of commercialization in the international arena to gain the competitive edge and maximize market-share - fluidly driving profitable results.

We help our clients strategically and fluidly launch their technology solutions into new markets, to compete more effectively with less resources and optimize sales performance - we are passionate about helping our clients win.

Beyond the Basics

Fluid offers international business strategy expertise and intuitive consulting to give organizations a powerful competitive advantage
    - Tap into Fluid International.

Fluid Benefits and Value:

  • Rapidly increase speed to target market - getting your technology product quickly to it's appropriate target markets is crucial. Fluid's services are designed to get your software rapidly into strategic markets for maximum penetration and profitability.

  • Reduce Risk - we work to ensure the markets and market sectors your technology enters are viable for your company's success, reducing the risk of wasted time and money of entering into a sector that is not profitable.
  • Reduce Costs - we give you the keys of how to avoid the potential pitfalls of spending money for limited return when entering into international markets. 

  • Know your Competition - we work to help you better understand your competition's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats - in the marketplace and in their organization.  This gives you the ability to view any potential advantage you may have in order to increase your sales and profitability.

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